Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” -Sir Isaac Newton

Entrepreneur Development Network

The strength and foundation of the United States economy was built by entrepreneurs: The salvation of the current economic condition will depend once again upon entrepreneurs.

The prevailing state of the U.S. and world economy has displaced thousands of experienced and talented professionals. Many of these professionals will bear enormous difficulty and hardship with re-entry into the job market because of age and salary requirements.

A very distinct, and possibly necessary, conclusion for these individuals is to either become entrepreneurs, or to take their years of experience and business aptitude, and join forces with existing entrepreneurs.

There is an incredible opportunity for existing businesses, entrepreneurs and investors to mine these human and intellectual resources that have been exposed by the recent economic crisis.

The Mission of the EDN is to:

  • Passionately, actively and thoughtfully pursue and expose business and employment opportunities for its membership
  • Provide direction and assistance through mentorship programs
  • Connect members to resources through a dynamic network with the full intent to provide opportunities for displaced and talented professionals to productively re-enter the workforce by connecting them with successful entrepreneurs and business owners who either want to mentor, hire or invest in their ideas
  • Improve the community and local economy by pairing inventors, investors and skilled professionals to create new products, services and jobs

We will accomplish our mission by directing our efforts toward three key areas:

  • Education:  speeches and presentations, workshops and internships with successful entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Support:  networking, mentoring from entrepreneurs and exposing financial assistance
  • Alliance: creating a culture of united individuals whom help each other succeed

Comprises two separate groups

  • Advisory/Angels/Successful Entrepreneurs as Employers, and;
  • New Entrepreneurs and ‘Intra-preneurs’ (Available Skilled Professionals, Artists and Journeymen)

A significant element to the success of the EDN is the recruitment of prospective entrepreneurs, seasoned mentors and successful business people from the private sector, educational community, and federal, state and local governments.

The EDN will embrace all interested parties irrespective of race, gender, lifestyle orientation, religion, color or national origin.

Focus, Scope, Purpose

  • Best Business Entity.  Not for profit [501(c)(3) organization]?
  • Recognize Entrepreneurs who have business development ideas but have yet to commence their business
  • Build a network of successful business owners and entrepreneurs – have them join the group
  • Where possible, match these successful entrepreneurs and business owners with prospective entrepreneurs as mentors or possibly partners – investment and partnership happens outside of the group
  • Match potential angels or venture capitalists with the new businesses
  • Develop programs that will help each new entrepreneur to start and grow their businesses
  • Identify public and private organizations such as Economic & Community Development, SCORE, SBDC, College and University alliances, The Lowe Foundation, lending institutions, SBA etc. that can partner and mentor with entrepreneurs.
  • Identify all groups such as business incubators, BNI, BASS, Toast Masters, etc. that would be beneficial
  • Hold monthly round table discussions/meetings
  • Hold an annual/semi-annual retreat or consortium of all stakeholders. Raise scholarship and sponsorship funds for entrepreneur for retreats, training, etc. Solicit assistance from groups like the Edward Lowe Foundation to host, subsidize costs

“For our country to get back on track, it’s not about the giant businesses, it’s about small companies, so the problem is how small companies starting up are going to get financing.” -Mark Burnett commenting on “the Shark Tank”


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Ken Wolfe on January 24, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    At first blush I like what I see, as I have been involved with something along these lines for years, assisting and mentoring others to better themselves, referring their talents and skills where I thought they could be used and seeing the fruits of my effforts. I developed and ran a “Sourcing” company for years that specialized in putting international clients with needs together with suppliers. I worked with one man in particular but we utilized several sources both domestically and overseas. To this day, I’m on excellent terms with this man and consider him one of my 5 closest friends.

    In yhour outline I don’t see is the financial portion. How do you plan on making any money at this venture? OR, is it all free? Either answer is correct, it just depends where one stands financially.


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